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Become Crorepati from Share Market


key to success in stock market

We always think how to become millionaire through stock market, Is it true.Yes this may happen.You must have heard that many people have become millionaire by investing in stock market but they all invested their money in stock for 15 to 20 years.In this way ,they made a profit of 100 millions and even higher on the investment of 10000 rs in stock market.Now this question must be coming in your mind that even today one can become millionaire from stock market.So lets understand with some important points.   

1.)Always Work in Delivery Trade

If you want to become millionaire from stock market,then we have to invest in good shares for long time for which you will have to increase knowledge about stock,understand company management and analysis past 5 years performance of particular share.After check all these we should buy stock for long term and include stock in portfolio for longer period.

Key Points

a.)Focus on Delivery Trading
b.)Enhance knowledge of Stock or Company Profile
c.)Analysis past five years Performance of Stock

2.)Invest for 15 to 20 years Period

No one become rich quickly, its requires patience and knowledge in that field and if we want to earn money from shares then we have to invest for 10 to 20 years.We will get the benefit of many dividends and bonus shares.In this way our shares quantity or annual profit both will increase and trust me you won't know when your 100 shares convert into 10000 shares.

Key Points

a.)Long term invest 
b.)Dividend benefit 
c.)Bonus share benefit

3.)Choose A Category Stock

If you are investing in stock market  for long period, then choose A Category Stock.The performance of A Category stock is very good, its neither grow very fast nor has decreased very fast.Nifty 50 stock are good.We can invest in Blue Chip Company Stock.A category Stock gives Dividend timely.Its gives you bonus share,Which increase the number of your share in few years.

Key Points

a.)Choose A Category Stock
b.)Its gives Dividend or Bonus on regular basis
c.)A Category Stock Company Management decision always right

4.)Average When Stock Fall

In the long term investment, you will get to see many stock prices,its will  also gives you the top rate and down rate but you do not panic, you have to buy shares below and average their value and in this situation don't panic and don't sell shares.

Key Points

a.)Add More Stock in Market Crisis
b.)Average Stock Price on Lower Price
c.)Don't Panic in Market Crisis

5.)Be a Market Expert

We must increase knowledge to understand the share market.We should read news paper daily.We should know about the economics activities of the country on daily basis.We should watch videos related to the share market on YouTube and read articles on Google.If we want to be a good investor,we should know the date of Annual General Meeting and Share Dividends of Company.We should know about big investors like Warren Buffett or Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.


If you follow these 5 things seriously, then you will definitely earn good money from the stock market.People want to get rich quickly which is not possible.Patience and knowledge of very important  to earn money from stock market.This five points is the key to success in the share market.

Hope you understand this article, if there is any question related to this article, then you can ask and comment.

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